T & Pup smallTricia Griffith is a freelance writer living in Maine. As well as writing, Tricia is an artist and former veterinary assistant, and has written on a wide variety of subjects from the arts to pet care and beyond.

She is a regular contributor to Prim Perfect Magazine, a magazine for virtual worlds’ home and gardens, interviewing and writing articles on artists, designer and content creators under the pen name Tricia Aferdita.

For two years, she produced, wrote and hosted a virtual television program on Treet.TV, Metaverse Arts. She arranged guests, wrote the scripts and conducted live and recorded interviews with artists and content creators in virtual worlds.

Tricia has written educational handouts for veterinary clients, and published an editorial on topical flea product safety in the Bangor Daily News. In addition, she has contributed over 250 articles on pet care, wellness and prevention for an upcoming pet care website,

She also maintains two personal blogs, one as part of her artwork at and one that covers spiritual, social and self-awareness at She periodically contributes to other blogs and sites around the internet.

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