Prim Perfect

Prim Perfect is a magazine for virtual worlds’ homes and gardens, published every six weeks – with a focus usually on the Second Life grid.

Prim Perfect’s steadily increasing circulation currently averages over 14,000 documented Second Life readers per issue. Issues can also be accessed in PDF form and on Calaméo on the web through in-world vendors.

Below are a selection of articles published by Tricia Griffith under the name Tricia Aferdita, which is in essence the screen name used in Second Life. Links to the actual issue on Calaméo, along with page numbers, are available upon request, or back issues may be found at the Prim Perfect website archive.

Issue 45 – February 2013:

A History of Romance in Second Life

In this issue devoted to all things virtually romantic, Tricia interviews two couples on their relationships. One couple whose relationship has evolved strictly in the virtual world and the other who met and married in ‘real life’.

Issue 42 – August 2012:

Designer of the Month – Wynx Whiplash

An interview with a content creator in Second Life whose Tiny Avatars became the basis of an entire cultural phenomenon in the virtual world.

Issue 39 – February 2012

Charity News – To Give or Not To Give

Following a controversy about misappropriated funds from a charitable event within Second Life, the editor of Prim Perfect Magazine asked Tricia to write a commentary on the issue. This article looks at the pros and cons of charitable giving and charitable organizations in virtual worlds.

Issue 34 – Summer 2011

Designers of the Month – LaPointe & Bastchild

Interview with virtual clothing and accessories designers in Second Life, Paul LaPointe and Bastchild Lotus, whose virtual lives and businesses crossed over  into real life, on how they grew their business and how they work as a collaborative team.

Tricia has contributed more than 40 articles to Prim Perfect Magazine. If you would like more samples, please feel free to request them.

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